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UAE has adopted a national brand logo: Is it actually needed?

uae emirati emirates united arab emirates ujedinjeni arapski emirati logo brend nation national brand logotip logotype_webp

The UAE Nation Brand is a national project to design and create a logo that will represent the country to the world, highlight its authentic identity and strengthen its positive image regionally and internationally. The new logo of the UAE aims to: share the UAE's inspiring story

eu2020hr: Croatian Presidency – Priorities and visual identity presented

A Europe that develops, connects and protects and is influential on the global scene are the four pivotal areas of Croatia's presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2020, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said at a news conference in Zagreb, outlining elements of those priorities. In the first

International public contest: Montenegro seeks slogan and national brand logo

Hereinafter, we publish integral text of the: PUBLIC CONTEST FOR SELECTION OF THE LOGO AND SLOGAN OF THE NATIONAL BRAND OF MONTENEGRO The Ministry of Economy invites all interested parties, individuals and groups of authors to participate in the Competition for the selection of logo and slogan of the national brand of

Sri Lanka has a new tourism logo 🇱🇰

Sri Lanka. That mystical island southern than India. Earlier known as Ceylon. Known for tea, spices and elephants. And fairly attractive for tourtists. When it comes to the tourism branding, it has changed old logo and replaced it with the new one. Here are how it looks (right), and how it

Montenegro seeks slogan and new nation brand logo

How to Get Smarter: 12 key elements montenegro national brand logo nacionalni brend konkurs crna gora 2019 budva montenegro 2020

Montenegro's Ministry of Economy, on the occasion of the Independence Day, announces the Public Competition for the selection of the logo and slogan of the national brand of Montenegro with the aim of completing the state’s visual identity. The public competition is of an international nature and both individuals and groups

Azerbaijan – new tourism logo

Selling itself as the 'Land of Fire', Azerbaijan is a tangle of contradictions and contrasts. Neither Europe nor Asia, it's a nexus of ancient historical empires, but also a ‘new’ nation rapidly transforming itself with a super-charged gust of petro-spending. (Lonely Planet's description of Azerbaijan) old and new tourism logo of

The story behind the Beatles logo

Bitlsi: Kako je nastao logotip benda Bitls bitlsi

randing is omnipresent within companies and their products. Branding can also be successfully implemented in entertainment, especially music industry. Eminem, 2pac, Metallica and the Rolling Stones have developed globally know brands, and thus their logos. There is one interesting story behind the Beatles logo. It was initially developed and implemented at

A font to remember – Sans Forgetica

ans Forgetica is a font designed using the principles of cognitive psychology to help you to better remember your study notes. It was created by a multidisciplinary team of designers and behavioral scientists from RMIT University.   It is compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems. "a downloadable font that is scientifically

Ukrainian national brand logo – Ukraine NOW ua

he Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has adopted and approved the Ukraine NOW brand in 2018, which was created by the Ukrainian agency Banda within the framework of the Commission for Promotion of Ukraine under the Ministry of Information Policy. “The team of the Government, the Ministry of Information Policy, the

National Brand of Peru


et us introduce you visual identity of national branding of Peru. Since 2011 this South American country proudly uses present logo of national brand, which replaced the complex one. The logo of Peruvian national brand is well designed: It uses countries typical silhouette from archaeological site (well known Nazca Lines) and

New flag of Serbia – Initiative for the new visual identity

owadays, it has become regular to redesign outdated identities of cities, municipalities, regions, and even countries, as this helps to better connect citizens with identities, state authorities and administrations, and understand the symbolism of the marks, with a simple and redefined design. The current state of the Serbia's markings is